"Nope", the anime.

Based on that hilarious text post.

would definitely watch this

irony is….she’s still the main character 

She just can’t escape her fate.

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coming this fall on Fox/NBC/AMC: this ruggedly handsome white man is an asshole who treats everyone terribly but… there’s a twist… he’s Good at His JOB…

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"Don’t even think about taking one more step."

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"i heard the Earth Queen ate her dad’s bear"


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TURNS out two heads really are better than one. Two people have successfully steered a virtual spacecraft by combining the power of their thoughts - and their efforts were far more accurate than one person acting alone. One day groups of people hooked up to brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) might work together to control complex robotic and telepresence systems, maybe even in space.

Mind-meld brain power is best for steering spaceships - tech - 01 February 2013 - New Scientist

power up the jaegers baby

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I was just scrolling through my dash and I was like “oh a pacific rim quote - WAIT HOLY SHIT”

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Thank goodness someone made this. Thank the high heavens.

I love this person!

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"airbenders are able to warm themselves with only their breathing"

ok so this explains why katara and sokka were bundled up in parkas galore while aang was just walking around in his little jump suit like it was a perfect summer evening. I’m so glad this was cleared up. I literally thought Aang’s optimistic attitude is what kept him warm, heavens. 

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"The bison are the original airbenders. They recognize their own kind." -Tenzin

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